I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know about a great new blog called: Sightings – Seeing Christ in Modern Media.  It’s very unique because it’s written by a sister in the Lord by the name of Megan Proctor.  And Megan reviews movies.

Now, that doesn’t sound very unique at first, however, these reviews are not just about the movie itself, but how Megan sees the Lord Jesus Christ in the movies!  What incredible insight and articulation the Lord has given this sister.

We can behold the Lord in the scriptures, in the church, in nature, in our circumstances, and in movies, music, and art.  It’s possible to see Him in everything if you are looking.  As Rich Mullins said in one of his songs:

“and everywhere I go, I see You…”

I strongly recommend that you check out Megan’s blog and leave a comment: