34 thoughts on “About Milt”

  1. benkwardlaw said:

    Good morning brother. I am looking forward to reading two of your books I recently purchased.

    I hope you and your family are doing well.

    Do you have a website regarding your website development skills?

    Many blessings in Jesus,

    Ben Wardlaw
    Hilton Head Island, SC
    Psalm 150:6


  2. miltrodriguez said:

    Hi Ben,

    I hope you enjoy the two books. Please let me know your thoughts on them.

    Yes, I do have a website for my design services:
    http://www.stellardesign.com (for website design)
    http://www.stellarpromotion.com (for web marketing)


  3. Hey Milt,

    I read some of the Butterfly In You (actually I pretty much leeched info from my wife who read all of it). A good read/leeching, I appreciate the catapillar/worm depiction.


  4. Herb Klassen said:

    Hi Milt!
    Ron Kellington has given us two of your books, the Butterfly one and the Temple Within. Inspiring!
    After my wife read it she asked: Is there anywhere a description by Milt of the organic house church he is in, or is it all just inspiring theory? Of the Jews Jesus said, Do what they say but not what they do. But for people like you, we would like to know what you “do,” – how does it work in real life?


  5. miltrodriguez said:

    Hi Herb,

    You can tell your wife that it is not just “inspiring theory”.


    There really are some folks living it out.

    I personally have been in three organic churches for a total experience time of 9 years. I (along with co-workers) have been privileged to help plant 12 organic churches. We hope to plant many more this year.

    Do you live in British Columbia?

    If so, I would suggest that you come to the conference we are doing in August of this year. You will hear lots of stories of the groups Gary and I have been in and started.

    It will really help you to understand what this is all about.




  6. Milt,

    If I don’t get into, or among an organic church soon, I will most definitely lose my mind (hopefully that’s not all). I’ve already signed up with housechurchresources hoping to hear of a group operating out of Albuquerque New Mexico, but haven’t heard of anything yet. This is no complaint, though. Just a plea for help.

    Great, great article.


  7. miltrodriguez said:


    The best thing that I can suggest to you at this point is the Organic Church Life Event that we are holding in Las Vegas in November of this year.

    Myself, and the three other brothers that I work with to plant organic churches will be there speaking (Frank Viola, Alan Levine, and Gary Welter). It will be an intense 4 day event that will help you with the spiritual and practical sides of organic church life.

    Many others will be there from all over the western U.S. and you may be able to connect with some from the Albuquerque area.

    Here is the webpage where you can go to obtain more information and register:


    I hope this helps!



  8. Does the bible commands us to meet in homes? what is wrong in meeting in a building? why not have both? Brother milt the bible is the final authority, and i am not convinced without biblical evidence. i love to meet in homes but it seems unfair to me to judge those that meet in buildings they are children of god too.


  9. miltrodriguez said:


    No, the bible does not command us to meet in homes. However, it is very clear from the New Testament writings that believers mostly met in homes in the first century. We know that the church in Jerusalem met in the porch of Solomon as well as “from house to house”.

    I have been in and planted organic churches that met in homes, parks, beaches, coffee shops, etc. We are not married to the house. The building is not the problem, it’s the arrangement that can be the problem.

    If you walk into a building for a meeting and the format is an auditorium then that will hinder the purpose of the church. The church is not an audience watching a show on center stage. The church is the Body of Christ with every member functioning. Therefore, the format of the meeting place should fit the life. Life determines form, not the other way around.

    Please be clear that I have never judged believers because they meet in a building. I love all true believers in and out of institutional church.


  10. Please brother milt i need some advice on daily devotional time in prayer. i keep inward felloship with the lord the whole day but i dont spent much time in daily prayer. look at how hyde prayed! and em bounds. I wish i could pray at least one hour daily Or is my problem that i am not seeing christ as prayer? or as a legalistic duty? please advise me


  11. during the conference in Orlando last month you mentioned a pdf file available which gives a short description of organic fellowships. it was mentioned the file could be handed to someone who is puzzled when we respond “we have no senior pastor, we have no order of service, we have no ‘covering’, etc”. where can i find this file?


  12. miltrodriguez said:


    Prayer can definitely be done in a legalistic way. I am familiar with E.M. Bounds and Hyde. I have read about them and their writings. There was a time in my life when I thought that I had to pray at least two hours a day or I was not a very good Christian. I would get up early and sometimes pray for 3-4 hours straight. This became a great bondage in my life and I decided to give it all up for Lent!

    I discovered a whole new “way to pray. And I wrote a book about it called: The Temple Within. This way is based upon the Lord’s life within me instead of a misguided sense of religious duty. I spend time with the Lord because I want to and love to be with Him. Not because I’m supposed to.

    hope this helps bro


  13. miltrodriguez said:

    Hi Eugene,

    The link is on the home page of The Rebuilders website here:


    It’s located in the box called: Latest Updates

    Or you can go to this link:



  14. John Prater said:

    Hello Milt;
    I’m hoping you are well. We(wife & I) met you at a meeting in Toledo. We were the interracial couple from La Porte, IN. We have visited the group once more with plans to go there more often. We have been considering moving there, but this is a process. I passed a truck on the highway with a sign that read “move Toledo, now”. Was that God speaking directly? I told the wife about it and she asked me what I thought! I’m thinking God wants us there.


  15. miltrodriguez said:

    Hi John,

    I remember you and your wife. Great to hear from you again!

    Well, that sounds really exciting! We will pray that God makes things clear for you regarding the move and all that involves.

    They are a great bunch there in Toledo.


  16. Oliver Gann said:

    Hello brother Milt,

    I had contacted you a while back about if there were any organic churches in the area in which I live. I live in St. Clair, Pa which is in Schuylkill County Pa. You let me know of an organic church that was located in Lancaster. Are there any others say within a 100 mile radius of St. Clair?? My wife and I are entertaining the idea of relocating but are restricted with where we can relocate to as I have two stepchildren whose father still has visitation rights to them. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

    In Christ,
    Ollie G.


  17. miltrodriguez said:

    Hi Oliver,

    I’m sorry but I really don’t know of any other groups in the PA area at this time.




  18. William Pabon said:

    I have a friend who is moving to the Orlando, FL area. Do you know of any organic church meeting on such area? He is Spanish speaking, but he would be willing to start in English until he finds a Hispanic congregation. Thanks.


  19. miltrodriguez said:

    William, No I don’t really know of any groups meeting in the Orlando area that I could recommend.


  20. Hi Milt,

    My name is Jeffrey from Johannesburg South Africa. I would like to know if there are any organic churches that you are related to here in South Africa. Or any organic church planters.



  21. What’s is your take on dealing with panic attacks?


  22. Hello Milt,

    In your article of The Problem With Solutions you said:” If we will only learn to focus on Him, then God will take care of the problem.” One example you gave of a practical problem had to do with money and possessions. My question is this: How might focusing on Christ help with emotional problems like anxiety disorders?


  23. miltrodriguez said:


    No, I really don’t know of any organic groups in that area.


  24. miltrodriguez said:


    This really is the same solution. I guess the question is: do we believe that Christ is all we need?

    My suggestion for anyone with emotional issues is to get into a healthy environment. Let me come back to that in a moment.

    I believe that scripture is clear that there are three ways that God transforms (changes) us.

    1.) By beholding the Christ who lives within us. (1 Cor. 3:18)
    As we turn to Him in all things the veil of our flesh falls off and we are transfigured by seeing the risen, ascended, glorified Lord!

    2.) By allowing the full work of the cross in our lives (1 Cor 1:22-24)
    As we deny ourselves and live by His life, the old man or nature will no longer have any pull on us.

    3.) By immersing oneself in authentic body life (Eph 4:15-16)
    This is the proper environment for numbers 1 & 2 above. The life of the Head flows to the Body via all of the members of Christ (see Psalm 133).

    There are a few books that I would recommend in this regard:

    Handbook to Happiness by Charles R. Solomon

    The Butterfly in You by Milt Rodriguez


  25. Cherie said:

    Ok, thank you.


  26. bruce roehrkasse said:

    Hi Milt,
    Do you know of any fellowships meeting in the Fort Collins CO area?


  27. Armanda Martin said:

    Hi Milt. just gotta tell you – your Community Life of God is my most favourite book of all time (and I have read most of Frank’s too) it is such a gem – so simple – anyone can read it – but so so profound and inspiring! I just keep reading it over and over. Wow! If only we could all understand the Fellowship of Fullness in our body life. So love it! May the Lord continue to reveal Himself in His Fullness to and through you. Many blessings in His precious name to you and Mary (I attended Organic Church Conference in Sydney Australia with you a few years back – Armanda) Have you looked at ‘fractals’ as an expression of this fullness in body life?? I am fascinated by this illustration of Christ/body. Still working on an article if you are interested. Armanda


  28. HI Milt,

    Enjoying your site. I am part of an organic home fellowship in NY. A sister in the Lord has moved out your way and I am trying to help her get connected with an organic fellowship. can you reach out to me please? contact dwmurry.com (my website- my email is on that page as well) God bless and thanks for the encouragement you offer through this site.

    David NY


  29. Charmaine Doherty said:

    When/where is the next scheduled organic church conference?


  30. Dimitrios Matanis said:

    Hi Brother,

    I am currently living in Australia but we are thinking my wife and myself to move back to our native country which is Greece.
    Is any organic church that you are aware of in this side of the world?

    Your brother.



  31. Dimitrios Matanis said:

    Brother Milt,
    I am currently living in Australia with my family.
    I am very interested to be able to participate with what God wants to do through his ekklesia today.
    We are thinking to move back to our native country ( Greece) for ministry.
    I really want to be useful as his vessel for his glory.

    Your brother.

    Dimitrios ( Jim ).

    PS. This is my second email to you. I am not sure if you have received the first one.

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  32. Brother, this is the year 2020. Where are you now in your thoughts and understanding?

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  33. Here are some locations where you can find out what we are doing now:

    You can also signup for our monthly newsletter here:


  34. Thanks brother for your interests!

    Here are some other locations that give more updated information:


    Also, you can signup for our monthly newsletter here:


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