Seeing the Unseen

I have just finished writing a new book about seeing Christ in new and different ways. These “ways” included many avenues such as:

  • Seeing Christ in your circumstances
  • Seeing Christ in your environment
  • Seeing Christ in your trials and tribulations
  • Seeing Christ in your struggles
  • Seeing Christ in your relationships
  • Seeing Christ in nature
  • Seeing Christ in other people

And Here is the Big One … Seeing Christ in Yourself!

I honestly believe that this book will help many believers to know the Lord in a much deeper way.

There is lots of talk about “hearing” the Lord. Many times this “hearing” involves hearing His voice in order to know His will in some situation. But this is not the kind of “seeing” that I am referring to. Rather, it is all about a deep intimate fellowship with Him. It’s actually more like the intimacy of a man and a woman in marriage.

Personally, I can easily apply this to my own marriage. Whenever I see my wife it does something to me deep inside of my soul and my spirit. Of course, hearing her voice also draws me to her as well. However, the “seeing” of her starts the love and romance all over again. Hearing her talk on the phone is great but just not the same as seeing her in person and then speaking and hugging and so on.

My point is that you cannot be speaking to the Lord all day long. Unless, of course, you want people to think that you’re crazy! But you can be seeing Him all day long. And the “seeing” can lead to all the rest of your fellowship with Him.

I would challenge you with the thought that you can actually “see” Him in all things. Even the (so called) negative things.

Dear saints, does this Christ actually live inside of you right now? If you are a believer and you have invited Him in… then He most certainly does! In fact, the apostle Paul was so bold as to tell the saints that this one fact is God’s hope that He would be glorified (that is, displayed) throughout all of the earth.

“ … Christ in you, the hope of glory!” Colossians 1:27

What an awesome thought… that God is actually placing all of His hope of being glorified (manifested and seen) by placing His Son in us!


I am getting ready to publish a new book called: “Eyes Wide Open – Seeing the Unseen”. This book has taken me three years to write it and lots of help from some good friends to get it ready to publish. I would really appreciate your prayers about this.

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Seeing the Unseen