Yo, Look!  Another podcast!

We are breaking records here on this blog…

This particular message was given in Sonoma County at an Infusion event in Northern California.  This is where I introduce the idea that we desperately need to tear down all our religious history and begin from “ground zero”, that is the beginning.  When we speak of the beginning we are speaking of the Ground and the Foundation that is laid upon that ground.

One of the main problems we encounter as we travel planting organic churches is the idea that we can just tack on something (organic church) to what we already have.  This never works!  It’s the wrong foundation!  If you build upon the wrong foundation then the building is doomed to be the wrong building.

What is required in order for us to begin again?  We must become those who are poor in spirit.  If we are not willing to empty ourselves and embrace the humble Christ, then we will not see God’s eternal purpose in His Son.