I am not really one of those that usually make resolutions at this time of year.  I have seen many people write articles or blurbs on their blogs about this, so I guess I will chime in.  However, this isn’t really a “new year’s” resolution, but rather a life long resolution.  The best one I have read so far this year was shared by Michael King, a brother in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  I quote it here verbatim:

John 3:30 – He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.

This is our greatest possible activity – the zenith of a truly happy life in Christ together: Losing.

Consistently & permanently wane & surrender so He can consistently and permanently expand & seize all in all. “Our” ideas, feelings, plans, preferences, scruples, possessiveness, agendas – especially all the “good” things we trust to make us secure & fulfilled. Gone.

Retreat and give up that ground to Him…and do it again. And again.

And again. Painful and unintuitive to the flesh. Heresy to religion. Foolishness to the world who beckons us only to increase. The world implores us in every way to flee from the Cross. Do ANYTHING but go to the Cross. The world wants us to run with opens arms into the best possible, most moral and reasonable reality that “self” can build – with all it’s false comfort and decaying lies of worth.

“Surely, Lord, THIS doesn’t need execution! It’s such a “good” thing! It will…

… protect us from wrong beliefs and sin!”

… give us such great purpose!”

… help get us out of a relational rut!”

… help me be a better ________!”

“No. Only I can and will do those things. Just me. And you can’t hold that with white knuckles and trust me at the same time.” -Jesus

This is glory and peace to the spirit. Wisdom and power in The Kingdom. This is happiness: Loss.

You cannot love me and I cannot love you. So let’s decrease and Christ will love through/in us.

We cannot succeed. At anything. Ever. So let’s decrease and Christ will succeed through/in us.

We cannot protect ourselves. From anything. So let’s decrease and Christ will be true and lasting security through/in us.

We cannot parent. So let’s decrease and watch Christ rear Holy Ones through/in us.

We cannot. So let’s decrease. And Christ will.